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As we all know that WhatsApp Messenger has now become a part of our daily routine. Of course, most people uses WhatsApp in their everyday life more than any other social media messaging network or application, which is due to it's intriguing features, thereby making us addicted.

Well today we'll be talking about GBWhatsApp app which is a modified apk of WhatsApp designed by GB Mods. This GBWhatsApp allows users to use dual WhatsApp on a single Android device. What I mean here, is that you can use both the official WhatsApp application and GBWhatsApp application on same android device. GBWhatsApp offers you lots of amazing features which enables you to customize it, thereby making it more intriguing and easy to use.
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The GB Team has come up with another intriguing update of their developed Mod WhatsApp application, which is the version 6.0. It comes with more added features than the previous version 5.9.

Some few reasons why GBWhatsApp Mod app is much more better than the official WhatsApp app are listed below:

  • It allows you to revoke already sent messages (both private chats and group chats).
  • Enables you to design your framework (theme) to your taste.
  • Allows you to perform a manual customization to your chats.
  • Allows you to hide your last seen, chats, and also hide the blue tick which shows that you have read someone's messages. Meanwhile, check out this tool which allows you view sent social media messages without the sender knowing you have read his or her messages.
  • New features are been introduced in their updates.
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Due to the cool features of GBWhatsApp Mod app, everybody do want to use it. There are so many awesome features which this GBWhatsApp app offers users, which are not available in the official WhatsApp app. You'll get to know and use those features once you start using this GBWhatsApp Mod app. Meanwhile, check out some of the updated features of the latest version of GBWhatsApp.
  • Ability to hide last seen.
  • Ability to delete sent messages (Recall).
  • Custom Media Auto-Download.
  • A toast appears when a contact comes online or views your status.
  • Send video upto the size of 30mb instead of 16mb.
  • No copy of date and name while copying multiple messages.
  • Send multiple videos and pictures at same time.
  • Copy friends status in one click.
  • Convert videos of any size to Gif and send to anybody.
  • Ability to pin more than 3 chats.
  • Send a broadcast message to 600 people instead of 250.
  • Preview image and video without loading.
  • Change the theme and colour of app to your preferred.
  • Other fixes.
So these are the few out of the many features which GBWhatsApp offers. You can get to know and use the other features when you use the application. You'll sure love it.
There are some things you need to know before using this GBWhatsApp Mod app. They are the drawbacks (problems) of GBWhatsApp application. They are:
  • GBWhatsApp crashes in an interval of days or weeks (You lose all chats when this happens).
  • The GBWhatsApp app covers much of your internal memory space (Not advisable for those with low RAM devices to use it).
  • For some android devices, the GBWhatsApp app cannot install an update without uninstalling the previous (Also results to chats loss).
Where can I download the latest GBWhatsAp app? Download using the below link.
                             SIZE: 36.83MB

So that's that. Let's know your thoughts, opinions, and experience about the features of GBWhatsApp. Dont read this article alone, kindly share with friends for their benefit. Thanks And Enjoy...
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Nokia 7 which was launched on October 2017, comes with a resolution of 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels at a PP1 of 423 pixels. This device boasts of a 7000 series corning gorilla class 3, and also comes with 4K video with the Nokia OZO audio technology that supports 360 degree recording.


The Nokia 7 runs Android 7.1 and is fully powered by 1.8GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 processor and also induced with 4GB Of RAM which guarantees swift speed and minimization.

This device is packed with an internal storage of 64GB which can be increased to the value of 128GB via a MicroSD card.

The Nokia 7 is a dual SIM smartphone and supports Nano-SIMs. Included connectivity options are Wi-Fi, GDS, Bluetooth, NFC, 3G and 4G. The sensors include Compass, Magnetometer, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Ambient light sensor, and Gyroscope.
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Now on the camera aspect, the Nokia 7 is packed with 16MP Rear Camera and 5MP Front Selfie Shooter.

The device is equipped with a 3000mAh non-removable battery. It measures 141.20 x 71.40 x 7.90 (height x width x thickness).


                              KEY SPECS
            Screen Size:  5.20 inch

            Resolution:  1080x1920 pixels

            Storage:  64GB

            Processor:  1.8GHz octa-core

            Rear Camera:  16MP (Megapixel)

            Front Camera:  5MP (Megapixel)

            Battery Capacity:  3000mAh

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            Release Date:  October 2017

            Form Factor:  Touchscreen

            Dimensions (mm):  141.20 x 71.40 x 7.90

            Battery Capacity:  3000mAh

            Battery Type:  Non-Removable

            Colours:  Black

            SAR Value:  NA

            Operating System:  Android 7.1.1

            Screen Size (inches):  5.20

            Touchscreen:  Yes

            Resolution:  1080x1920 pixels

            Pixels Per Inch (PPI):  423

            Processor:  1.8GHz octa-core

            Processor Make:  Qualcomm Snapdragon 630

            RAM:  4GB

            Internal Storage:  64GB

            Expandable Storage Type:  MicroSD

            Expandable Storage Upto:  128GB

            Rear Camera:  16MP

            Flash:  Yes

            Front Camera:  5MP

            Wi-Fi:  Yes

            Wi-Fi Standards Supported:  802.11 a/b/g/n/ac

            GPS:  Yes

            Bluetooth:  Yes, v5.00

            NFC:  Yes

            Infrared:  No

            USB OTG:  No

            Headphones:  3.3mm

            FM:  No

            SIM:  Dual    

            SIM Type:  Nano-SIM

            GSM/CDMA:  GSM

            3G:  Yes

            4G LTE:  Yes

            Fingerprint Scanner:  Yes

            Compass/Magnetometer:  Yes

            Proximity Sensor:  Yes

            Accelerometer:  Yes

            Ambient Light Sensor:  Yes

            Gyroscope:  Yes

            Barometer:  No

            Temperature Sensor:  No

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                  NOKIA 7 PRICE

The Nokia 7 comes in two variants so they differ in price. For the 4GB RAM model, the price is at CNY 2,500 which estimates at $377 Dollars, ¥25,000 Rupees, and N134,000 Naira, while the 6GB RAM model is at the price of CNY 2,700 which estimates at $407 Dollars, ¥26,000 Rupees, and N145,000 Naira.
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   TECNO Mobile a pioneer mobile phone brand has currently launched/unveiled it's newest make which is the Phantom 8 in the Middle East and Africa. This launch was situated at Jumeirah Beach Hotel, in Dubai and it was in the attendance of 200 invited guests. Among the guests were the representatives of United Mobile, the sole distributor of TECNO Mobile in the whole of Pakistan, Urdu Point, and also the Digital Media Partners of TECNO Mobile who participated in this launching occurrence.

This currently launched machine operated Phantom 8 offers features of a nice camera, alluring design, and also a cool experience in high-speed. The Phantom 8 is induced with an art dual camera, which could accomplish 10 times super zoom and auto focus.
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TECNO Mobile, a leading mobile phone brand has a goal of establishing entertainment ecosystem tailor-made, which is based on the needs and habits of the consumers within markets on the Android platform. This modification differs for each market and target audience.

Here are some shots captured in the launching occurrence 

  Other Features Of The TECNO Phantom 8

The Phantom 8 is induced with a front facing camera of 200MP altogether with a smart dual selfie flash. Nevertheless, the double front ring fash certainly guarantee taking photos even in a dimly lit environment. It also offers 10 minutes of battery charge and aso 150 minutes of talktime.

The new device is congruent with Micro SIM and Nano SIM cards. Supports up to 2TB of TF (Trust Flash) cards. It holds 4 modules, 20 bands, and also covers more than 200 countries and zones.
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The diamond style design of the Phantom 8 comes with a 3D lighting unibody metal edge and also a 2.5 D Drip Screen Curved battery cover. Of it comes with 6GB RAM plus 2.6GHz CPU ultra-fast experience and possesses 4G+ and a download speed which is up to 300mbps. This device is prices at 1399 AED.

We call this a machine. Good make by TECNO Mobile. Expecting their next launching...
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   All social media networks has long introduced a feature that let's you see/know who had read your messages and also at what time they read it. This is usually called a read receipt.

Of course, this is a very useful feature, as you'll have a knowledge of knowing those friends of yours who ignored replying your messages and those who haven't seen the message yet.

But on the other hand, this means that anybody on the receiving end of a message, can no longer pretend not to have read the received message if they have checked it already. Now getting to read that message, you do feel forced to reply, even if you don't intend to, so it wouldn't seem as if you're ignoring the sender.
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Nevertheless, if you'd rather not to immediately reply that message or not to reply at all and also not letting your friend know you've read his/her message, there's this intelligent miniature tool that do help out.

This tool is called Unseen - No Last Seen. This app blocks the social media network read receipts from been sent. If you don't want others to know that you're reading their messages, then Unseen is made for you. Recover back your privacy on social media networks with this awesome app. You now have all the freedom to read your friend's messages without leaving any blue double tick check.
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       How Does This App Work?

Once downloaded and installed in your device, you grant the app permission to access your social media accounts (apps), your messages and also contacts. Once this is done, any messages coming into any of your social media accounts gets intercepted by the Unseen app. What I mean here, is that such messages goes to the Unseen app also. So with this, you go to the Unseen app, you read the message there without your contact or friend's knowing you'd read it. This app is awesome and works for WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, and Viber.

     Where Can I Download This App?

Try out this app and you'll be sure to like it. And well if you do not fancy this app, I have a trick which I personally use sometimes. What I do is that whenever I receive messages from some friends, I do off my network data first to read, then get it on after reading, and it do also be like I never read that message. Sounds funny huh? I think you should also try it lol.
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You can share this piece of knowledge out and also give us some nice comments. Thanks and Enjoy...
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   Mod simply means a modification to an object or thing e.g (computer and android applications) typically for the purpose of individualizing or enhancing the performance of that thing. In simple words, mod means cracking.

Of course, modded apps and games do give you unlimited access to that particular app or game. You have access to everything you want in the app or game like let's say, you have permission and rights over all features of that app or game just like a pro user.
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For instance, in a modded game, you have the access to unlimited coins, weapons, armor, life and other features which games do offer. So interesting you wouldn't have to fail missions if it's an action game and also interesting you wouldn't be defeated in your football game anymore.

On rooted devices, all modded apps do work and are capable of doing many things completely. What I mean, is that modded apps do go well with rooted devices. Only few of the modded apps can yield to assent on non-rooted devices.

In spite of this, you can't find modded apps or games on Google Play Store, but you can find almost all in Google. You might ask why modded apps are not accepted on the Google Play Store. The answers to that question is because some hackers do get access to people's devices via some of those modded apps. And again 60% of modded applications are fake.

Yea, Google offers us with results on almost all things we search for in it, because it's swift, steady and strong, and also much users who are making use of it daily.

Alas! not all apps and games we search for on Google are good and real. Much of it are fake especially modded apps and games. But don't you think now is the time to get an immediate access to any modded app and games you want and free yourself stress of searching on Google which can lead you to waste much of your data on downloading the fakes of it.

Nevertheless, I did some research and I thereby found and got a way of downloading modded games directly with no form of stress.

Seems I have bored you with so much words. I wouldn't like to delay you again, so let's just dig it in and let you in on the knowledge of how to download modded apps and games easily.
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        Description Of Ablota App:

Ablota Hack Store Pro offers you up-to-date modifications for apps and games. An easy to understand overview will display you all available apps and games. The installation is easy and fast. Once signed-up, you can choose to receive update notifications and latest news.

           Now lets get started. STEPS:

Download and install Ablota Hack Store Pro From Google Play Store.

★ After installation, launch the app and accept it's terms and conditions.

★ That done, on HOME you'll be shown some few apps and you will also be given some tutorial. Nevertheless, if you wish to skip, you can.

★ On ACCOUNT, you'll see how many points/coins you've got. To earn more free points, you have to keep on inviting peeps. To free yourself that stress, you can buy points using your own money by tapping on Store.

★ To view all available modded apps and games, tap on HACKS.

★ Tap on any of the games which you want to download. The points, version, and date, month, and year of last update of that app or game will be shown to you. Also the modded features of that app or game will be shown to you.

★ Now click on the blue download button below and then a pop-up will appear, signifying if you certainly want to purchase or download that app or game for the particular amount of points shown. Tap OK if you have enough points for it.

★ Your email address will be requested. Write it down and then click on SUBMIT.

★ The download link of that app or game is immediately sent to your email account. If you cant find it among your primary emails, check it out in the SPAM mail folder.

★ Then click on the red download button below the email message and it will then redirect you to the official website where you're to download.

★ Now click on the START button to start your download.
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Now, above are the steps/process of how you can download modded apps amd games easily, without stress, wasted time and data. Try it out and also endeavor to share this great piece of knowledge to friends. Enjoy...
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   Regina Dugan, whom is the head of Facebook Inc's secretive hardware unit, said she will step down early next year.

    Her Words On Facebook:
"I will be leaving Facebook to focus on building and leading a new endeavor".

Beforehand this year, Facebook provided a sneak quick look into the hardware division called Building 8, enlightening it was studying habits/customs for people to communicate by thought and touch.

Even though any hardware rollouts from the organization are still years away, prospective products could still assist the social media giant to cut it's leaden dependence on marketing/advertising revenue.

Dugan, an ex-chief of the Pentagon's research arm, has moreover led an analogous hardware congregate at Alphabet Inc's Google. - Reueters.
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    W hatsApp Messenger which is a mobile platform that allows users send and receive text, videos, audios, and voice notes is also filled with a lot of features.

One of the new feature WhatsApp Messenger offer, is allowing users give a status update either via a picture or video format, and that's so cool I think. The only drawback of this feature is that, the picture or video status disappears within 24 hours.
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You would have loved a friend's picture or video status update, but you do not want to tell him or her to send it to you. What you do is to screenshot the picture which is not so cool. Of course if you don't crop that picture, you wouldn't like it. For the video part, you do totally loose it, because you can't screenshot a video and watch it (lol). Your only option is to watch it as many times as you can, till it finally disappears.

But to everything termed impossible, there's always a possibility. I mean to say that you can actually save the WhatsApp picture and video status of your friends before it disappears. I guess you're shocked. Don't be, because it's 100% possible. How possible? Let's dig into it.
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Step 1: View or watch the picture or video first.

Step 2: Go to your mobile File Manager.

Step 3: To be able to view and save the status, you have to enable; show hidden file in your File Manager. How to do that?

Step 4: Click on the options key of your device or get the option menu via the screen in your File Manager. There's usually a three doted points located at the top right or top left or down right or down left in your file manager. The points location depends on your mobile device. See an image of mine which is located at the bottom right for better understanding.

Step 5: Click on the three doted points and then tap on: show hidden files or rather enable it.

Step 6: After enabling it, go to your WhatsApp folder, click on Media. Then you would see the status folder above. Click on it and you would see the pictures and videos statuses of your friends if you viewed it on WhatsApp Messenger.

Step 7: Copy the desired picture and video you want and place them in a different folder/location. This is because it will be automatically deleted after 24 hours if you do not copy them.
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Now you have successfully saved friends WhatsApp picture and video status.

If you enjoyed this article and found it helpful, kindly share to others and also drop nice comments. Thanks And Enjoy...
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   A ndroid Device's are able to perform so much tricks and hacks via various methods either through a default app or a built app to perform a particular trick or hack. This tricks and hacks have enabled Android users to enjoy their smartphones to the extent they swear never to leave the Android platform for any other.

One of these tricks discovered and put to test by geeks, is how to change the IMEI Number of your Android smartphone. This trick has both it's advantages and disadvantages. But unfortunately, there are high chances of escaping it's disadvantages. So today, I shall tutor you on how to change the IMEI Number of your Android smartphone. Firstly let us look into the meaning of IMEI, it's uses, and also it's benefits.


The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), is a unique identification or serial number, which all mobile phones and smartphones devices must have, to help in tracking or for the use of other IMEI related stuffs. You can search on the net for better explanations. This number is normally 15 digits long, and can be found on the silver sticker on the back of your mobile phone underneath the battery pack or on the box your mobile phone comes with.

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An IMEI Number has so many uses, but I'll list only a few of it's major uses. They are:

  • An IMEI Number is used for the trace of a mobile phone.
  • An IMEI Number is used by networks to identify valid phones.
  • An IMEI Number is used to block stolen mobile phones from been accessed by the thief, by stopping the certain phone from accessing the network, thereby rendering the phone useless.
  • An IMEI Number can be used to to retrieve the unlock code of a mobile phone.
Now before you change the IMEI Number of your mobile phone or smartphone, there must be a reason or benefits attached.

Now I'll list a few benefits of changing the IMEI Number of your mobile phone or smartphone. They are:
  • Getting free data which ranges from 1GB - 5GB or bonuses from your GSM Networks.
  • Opportunity of receiving double data whenever you purchase any valid data subscription plan.
This sounds good right? Well for you to enjoy this, you must know how to change the IMEI Number of your Android device.

There are different ways of changing the IMEI Number of an Android device via various types of applications and tools, but the most secured, efficient and simplest way of changing the IMEI Number of your Android device, is using the MTK Engineering Mode App.


  • A Rooted Android Device 
  • MTK Engineering Mode App. Download it Here.
  • IMEI Analyzer App. It's used to generate and check the validity of an IMEI Number. Download it Here.
  • Read How to use the IMEI Analyzer app Here.
Follow The Below Steps To Change The IMEI Number Of Your Android Device
1. Launch The MTK Engineering Mode App.

2. Slide left to CONNECTIVITY

3. Click on CDS Information 

4. Then Click on Radio Information 

If you're using an Android device with dual SIM slot, then know that "PHONE 1" represents your SIM 1, while "PHONE 2" represents your SIM 2. Now choose the slot you want to change it's IMEI Number.

5. When you're done choosing your desired slot, then click on the "AT+" you see there.

6. Your keyboard will appear. Then you type the letter "e" on your keyboard. A pop-up box will immediately appear.

7. Then click on AT+EGMR=1,7"" if you chose "PHONE 1" as your Slot, or click on AT+EGMR=1,10"" if you chose to "PHONE 2" as your desired Slot. Then make a space inbetween the AT and +

8. Then inbetween ("") type in the IMEI Number which you're changing to.

9. Check if the numbers are correct. If you have cross checked, then click on the "SEND AT COMMAND". If you receive a message saying "AT Command
Sent And Successful", then it's successful.

Now what you have to do is to reboot your phone. After your phone powers ON, check your new IMEI Number
by dialing *#06#. Then you would see a box showing you your two IMEI Numbers.
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But take this warning that you should always backup your real IMEI Number before changing it to any other IMEI Number. Screenshot or write it down on a piece of paper incase anything goes wrong, you can quickly change it back.

That's all about changing the IMEI Number of an Android device.

Kindly drop a nice comment if it works for you. If you face any problems, drop your questions, and I will help you out. Thanks And Enjoy...
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   A ll Android Smartphones are been developed with an in-built Wi-Fi features which allows users to connect to available hot-spots that are either been protected or not. Not all smartphone users are capable of paying for their internet connectivity, so they rather search for available hot-spots which are not protected to connect with their Wi-Fi, so they can finally go do their online activities, or they rather go to sleep lol.

That awkward moment when you do not have any available data subscription in your smartphone and you feel bored, but then something tells you to search for any available hot-spot. You go ahead and search and yes there's infact a full available hot-spot, but unfortunately for for you, it's  been protected (locked), so you can't connect to it with your Wi-Fi to surf the web.

What would you do when next you get an average ailable data subscription? Of course you would go online and seek knowledgeable on how you could hack any available protected Wi-Fi connection so you could always penetrate.
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The good news is that yes, you could actually hack a Wi-Fi connection. All you need is to have the required applications for the job. And fortunately, this article has answered your question by bringing to you the top 7 Wi-Fi hacking applications for android devices. So what are we waiting for? Let's dig into it. But not so fast. First let's see what a Wi-Fi means, and the advantages of it before we move on to the main aspect of this article.

                  WHAT IS WI-FI

Wi-Fi is a facility which allows computers, smartphones, and other device to connect to one another wirelessly within a particular geographical area.

We can also call it a technology that uses radio waves to provide network connections. A Wi-Fi connection is established using a wireless adapter to create hot-spots.


  • Efficiency: Smartphones which are induced with the feature of Wi-Fi can be used by people at their convenient time to access the internet at any given location provided it's connected, and it helps in improving the productivity of a company.
  • Convenience: The ability of smartphones and other Wi-Fi enabled devices to get connected at any convenient particular location within the premises.
  • Mobility: Easy and precise to get connected to the internet anywhere, anytime, i.e, The Market, Transport Vehicles, Offices, e.t.c.
  • Extend Smartphone Battery Life: The time taken for your mobile device to search for a strong signal strength, with your mobile data connection, do make your mobile device battery life to drain quickly. So getting connected to a strong hot-spot connection with your Wi-Fi, reduces the load on your smartphone and thereby keeping your battery cool and steady.
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I guess you now get the info about what a Wi-Fi is and also it's advantages. You might think there's no disadvantages of it, but oh yes there is. But we wouldn't go into that today. Now let's dig into the main topic of the day.


1. WPS Connect

WPS Connect is the best out of all Wi-Fi hacking applications for rooted android devices. This app allows you to disable another person's internet connection on that same Wi-Fi network and it can swiftly hack and get the password of any WPS secured Wi-Fi password. One thing about this app is that it works with almost all Wi-Fi routers. All you have to do is to download this app and install it into your Android device and then search for any available Wi-Fi signal. You get it hacked only if the Wi-Fi password is WPS protected. With this app, you can also view saved Wi-Fi password.


WIFI WPS WPA TESTER app has the capability of work on all Android devices. You can easily connect to a WPS/WPA enabled Wi-Fi network without you knowing the password. Having a rooted Android device will enable you to view all the locked password of that Wi-Fi network.

3. Nmap For Android

Nmap is one of the most known (popular) network security scanners, and the good thing here is that it is also available for Android smartphones. This application is used by professionals to do some network exploration and again this app do work on both rooted and non-rooted Android devices. But you stand a chance of enjoying more features from this app, provided your Android device is rooted. Nmap app is induced with the feature of allowing users to scan available networks which are used for finding ports and system details. So download and install this app into your Android device and explore it's features.

4. WiFinspect{Root}

WiFinspect is an Android security audit tool, which is induced with the feature of enabling users to crack any available Wi-Fi network password. This app is used by professionals to do other different things, as this app is not only meant for Wi-Fi hacking. WiFinspect contains in-built features of UPnP Device Scanner, Network Sniffer, Pcap Analyzer, Port Scan, Host Vulnerability, and so much more features which are not mentioned here. For this app to work properly, you do need a rooted Android device.

5. Z Anti

ZAnti app which is developed by Zimperium, is by far, one of the best hacking and penetration tool for Android smartphones. This application is been used by hackers to check/inspect the security of websites and servers. This app also has features which can also be utilized by it's users. Those features includes Vulnerability Checking, MAC Address Spoofing, Password Auditing, e.t.c.

            How Can I Use This App?

  • Download and install ZAnti application into your Android device.
  • Open this application after installation. It will then prompt you to input your email address. Then just input your email and verify.
  • After your account has been verified and accepted, you just have to click the "Start Now" button. That's all.
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No matter the problem of your SIM Network or Wi-Fi Network, Fing Network Scanner (tool) is the right application that will fix (solve) the errors of those network. This application also do have the feature of DNS Lookup, Ping, e.t.c, which is used for the analyzing of connection issue. You can check any Android device MAC Address and also it's vendor name with this application.

If you know you're a professional and also you have the knowledge, i.e you're learned enough in the usage of this type of networking applications, you just have to go for it. If not, just scroll down and forget about this app because it do not offer a simple and easy operation for newbies. This app do run on the Android 3.0 and higher versions. There are inbuilt features in this app such as DNS Recovery, Port Scanner, e.t.c.
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These 7 apps above are the best when it comes to Wi-Fi hacking and some other sorts of hacking. You could also try out Androdumpper or Wibr+ Wi-Fi hacking apps.

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   W hatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging application used by a good number of people on their mobile devices such as iPhones, BlackBerry's, Androids, and Windows Phones for the purpose of sending messages, videos, images, and audio messages to one another.

We can also call the WhatsApp Messenger a mobile messaging application that allows users to send messages (text) for free without paying a dime.

Now there are various modded types / categories of WhatsApp Messenger app. These modded versions of the WhatsApp Messenger were developed by geeks to allow users enjoy greater features which the original WhatsApp Messenger application could not offer it's users.
See: Top 7 Best Photo Editing Apps For Android And iOS
Some few reasons why these modded WhatsApp Messenger apps are much better are listed below. They are:

  • You can change/design your framework/theme to your taste.
  • You can perform a manual customization to your chats.
  • You can hide your last seen, chats, and also hide the blue tick which shows you have read someone's message.
  • New features are been introduced in their updates.
Today we shall be looking on the best of these modded WhatsApp Messenger versions which is called GB Whatsapp.
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The GB Team has come up with another intriguing update of their developed WhatsApp application. The most enjoyable feature that was introduced in this new update, is the feature of deleting already sent messages. Yes this feature has been in the Telegram application for some time and WhatsApp users had also been waiting for this intriguing feature. Now is the opportunity to use this feature by downloading this latest update of GB WhatsApp. But before that let's see some of it's features.

  • Ability to delete sent messages (select any message - open options and click recall).
  • Custom media auto-download (choose groups or contacts you want to enable auto-download).
  • Ability to hide chats and status.
  • Text status upload feature.
  • Edit scheduled messages.
  • Send/Share apk file directly without having to change it to (doc) or (txt) formats.
  • Auto-Backup chats at 2AM.
  • View all status as a list.
  • Send multiple videos and pictures at same time.
  • Changing of theme to your preferred theme.
  • A toast appears when a contact comes online or views your status.
  • Fixed WhatsApp Log.
  • Other Fixes.
Above are few out of the many features which GB WhatsApp offers you. The other features you can try out yourself and enjoy. 
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But as the saying goes "All things has disadvantages and advantages". What I mean here is that there are some drawbacks (problems) of GB WhatsApp application. They are:
  • GB WhatsApp crashes in some interval of days or weeks which results in you loosing all chats.
  • This GB WhatsApp covers much of your internal memory space. That's why it's not advisable for those whose devices has low RAM to use it.
  • For some devices, GB WhatsApp app cannot install an update without uninstalling the former, which also results to chats loss.
Where can I download GB WhatsApp app?? Kindly download using the below link.

SIZE: 35.75MB

What are your thoughts about the new features of this latest update? Kindly drop some of your opinions via the comment box and also endeavor to share this post for the benefit of others. Thanks And Enjoy...